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Sold in pairs. These boots ride under the ankle, unlike our Polartec boots, which are 9" tall from the sole up. The Sofshoe is a summer boot and is good for people whose ankles turn under. Who don't need a lot of protection for their feet. Just something lightweight and stretchy to accommodate a hammer toe or delicate bunions.

To find your size, put foot on a ruler. Measure from back of heel to the biggest toe.

Boot Sizing Chart
Size Foot Size Inside Boot Length
#224 Child Medium
6" foot
6.5"-7" long inside
#225 Child Large
7" foot
8" long inside
#226 Adult Small
8" foot
9" long inside
#227 Adult Medium
9" foot
9.5" long inside
#228 Adult Large
10" foot
10.5" long inside
#229 Adult XL
11" foot
11" long inside