Polartec Thumbless Mittens

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Polartec Thumbless Mittens

200 weight genuine Polartec™ mittens with side zipper and wrist elastic to keep them snug. These are thumbless mittens. No velcro overlaps, which stick to fleece all over. Removing velcro mittens requires good fine motor skills, as velcro sticks tenaciously to fleece. Covers from wrist to fingertips. They wash beautifully on warm. Use a mesh bag to wash. Sew the name in each mitten. Use a large clip to keep mittens together in backpack. If you want to cover a hand brace, draw around the brace and fax or e-mail us the drawing.

To find your size measure your hand from wrist to longest part of fingertips.

Mitten Sizing Chart
#120 Child Small
4" hand
#121 Child Medium
5" hand
#122 Child Large
6" hand
#123 Adult Small
7" hand
#124 Adult Medium
8" hand
#125 Adult Large
9" hand