Polartec Socks (Slim) (Package of 3 Pair)

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Polartec Socks (Slim) (Package of 3 Pair)

Socks are sold in packages of 3 pair. Intended for slim feet only.

Genuine Polartec™ socks. 100% polyester fleece. No latex. Uses the natural stretch of Polartec™, not nylon. Cotton rib at the top adds extra hold. Does not bind, but stretches. Whisks moisture away, while trapping body heat. Excellent for diabetic feet or clammy feet with poor circulation. Diabetics should wear them inside out to avoid a seam. Reach to top of the calf.

To find your size measure from back of heel to the biggest toe.

Sock Sizing Chart
#204S Adult Small
8" foot
#205S Adult Medium
9" foot
#206S Adult Large
10" foot
#207S Adult XL
11" foot