Hangin' Out Bag and Sidekick Bag Combo

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Hangin' Out Bag and Sidekick Bag Combo

Please note: Bag and strap color combinations vary. The color bag you order may not come with the strap pattern you see here. Each color bag has several different strap prints that we use to give variety to group homes.

If you need a specific color strap please call or email us first.


-SALE ENDS OCT 1 2017-

Both bags get free monogramming!


Hangin' Out Bag

Our same size bag now hangs from a heavyweight 2" wide patterned or solid polyester webbing with black plastic side release buckle belt. Along the top, the webbing measures 26". The buckle allows you to adjust the length of the webbing, thus adjusting the bag height, and allows the bag to be attached to U shaped handles, wide armrests, walkers, or chairs like the Permobil that have no push handles. The webbing and the bag determine the monogramming thread color. The top bag flap has 14" available for monogramming. Most names use 8 letters or less and are 1" high. First and last names will be on 2 rows if they are more than 10 letters long each, and the font will be smaller. Although the bags can support more than 30 pounds, heavy metal objects will distort the shape of the bag. If you wish to cut the strap, you will need to heat the raw edge to seal it, or sew it under.

Sidekick Bag

Sidekick bag hangs on arm rest and stays at arm height beside the thigh. Holds wallet, brush, keys, snack, dog treats, bus pass, and lunch money, right by your side where it's convenient. No digging for your wallet in your backpack! One center compartment 11" wide x 8" high, with fabric loops over the arm rest with embedded grippers. Stays up at armrest height facing inside or out.